8 Things You Need to Know About CBD

8 Things You Need to Know About CBD

Over the last 6-7 years, the topic of CBD has come a long way. In the past, we used to associate it with hippies, and today it is part of a healthy and natural way of fighting the ailments of everyday life, such as pain, anxiety, or insomnia. To learn more about CBD, make a cup of hemp tea and take a moment to read this article. We will immediately introduce eight things you need to know about CBD.

1. Celebrities love CBD

It has been observed that CBD oil sales have doubled in the last few years, thanks in part to celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow use CBD to deal with stress. Kim Kardashian became a CBD fan during her studies when pressure prevented her from functioning at her best. After giving birth to her fourth child, she returned to regular use of CBD for relaxation. More and more celebs are openly saying that CBD was of great importance in improving their health and being in their best shape.

Morgan Freeman helps himself by using CBD, which brings him relief from fibromyalgia problems (pain lasting more than three months, symmetrically positioned in the form of characteristic points). CBD products are used by famous people like Tom Hanks, Mike Tyson, Lil Wayne, Oliver Stone, and many others.

2. CBD comes from the hemp plant

CBD, or the “healing” component of hemp, one of over 60 cannabinoids. The number of uses of CBD, which is continuously growing, is mostly known to everyone.

What a lot of people don’t know is that feelings, emotions in the mind and body are controlled by cannabinoid receptors, designed to interact with other things, i.e., the cannabinoids found in plants. Cannabinoids also occur naturally in our bodies. When necessary, they are produced by the brain. Sensations under the control of cannabinoid receptors include pleasure, appetite, mood, pain, concentration, immune suppression, and memory.
Many laboratory studies have confirmed that CBD has anti-cancer properties, which may help fight depression, relieve inflammation, pain, and anxiety. These are just a few of the many positive features of this substance. Thanks to its health effects, it is becoming an increasingly popular method of improving regeneration, even among professional athletes. This substance is available in many products, such as CBD oils, ointments, or CBD-rich hemp flowers.

3. CBD may be beneficial for health

People benefit from CBD products when they suffer from epilepsy or insomnia. They also claim that life becomes less stressful, they are less fearful as long as they take daily doses of CBD oil drops. 

According to currently available scientific knowledge, the use of CBD oils may prove helpful in the course of the following diseases and health conditions:

  • Depression  
  • Neurosis insomnia/trouble sleeping 
  • Deterioration of the immune system 
  • A general reduction in the vitality of the body 
  • Reversal of cognitive functions, 
  • Problems with memory, concentration, 
  • etc.

4. CBD can be used in many ways

You can supplement CBD regularly—in the morning and evening or when you feel the need; this is an excellent way to gradually reduce the perceived stress and tension and act in an emergency. As for the dose, we recommend starting low and increasing it according to your needs.

There are many ways to use cannabis. Newer products containing this phytonutrient are appearing on the market. What are the products? 

Which method of supplementation you choose depends on your needs; some products are suitable for internal use (capsules, oils), others external (CBD cosmetics), and others only for vaporization, i.e., steam inhalation.

5. CBD is widely used in pets

Hemp is safe for pets as it contains very little tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. The hemp plant is unique in that every part of it is valuable and can be used. Several derivatives of the hemp plant can be especially good for your pet:

  • CBD oil
  • Hemp seeds 
  • Hemp seed oil

Interestingly, recent studies show that CBD oil works in animals even more effectively than in humans. This is due to the better developed and more sensitive endocannabinoid system in cats and dogs. Thanks to this, CBD oil serves as an unusual dietary supplement for pets to improve their vitality.

6. CBD has been tested many times

Due to its unique properties, CBD has attracted a lot of attention from scientists. Numerous studies have been carried out to show its positive effect.

Scientists are still inexorably studying the cannabis plant. They want to learn more about the already best-studied cannabinoid, CBD. According to independent studies, it has many benefits, but CBD as a hemp ingredient will undoubtedly be further researched to discover even more of its benefits.

7. CBD helps to fight anxiety caused by COVID-19

CBD products are a more natural and easily accessible way to manage mental health. We see that even more people are turning to more alternative supplements, not only for their mental health but for a range of ailments. 

In a period where many people suffer from increased stress levels due to the effects of COVID-19, we recommend the sedatives that CBD brings to ease the stress experienced during this time.

8. You can buy CBD products in our store

In our store with hemp products, you will find, among others CBD oils, gel capsules, edibles, CBD-rich topicals, salves and natural hemp cosmetics. Check our offer and find products that may improve the quality of your life! Our CBD online store will help you restore harmony in your life. On virtual shelves you will find hemp products broken down into several different categories; it will surely help you find what you are looking for.

Here at Herbz Depot, we create a series of articles to increase awareness and knowledge of hemp-based products, their properties, and possible use in making our everyday life slightly better. 

Please pay attention that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is based on material found in the sources. If you want to start using CBD, we advise you to consult your GP first.