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Finding the right stores for CBD purchase can be quite challenging, especially if there are factors like moving into a new neighborhood or state, shopping for CBD for the first time if state laws support the sales and purchase of CBD.

Suppose eventually, and you bypass all these factors. In that case, you’re left with deciding on the right shop for the purchase of CBD products which can be a daunting task, as with the high demand for these products, they happen to be seen on shelves in various pharmaceutical and online stores. In line with this, we’ve come up with a list of shops that sell quality CBD products to guide you in making the right decision:


The story behind Endoca is an interesting one. With knowledge of biotechnology and genetics, the founder acquired from the University of Copenhagen, in his quest to improve the human immune system without imposing any side effects, came across a protest for cannabis. The aim was for it to be made legal for medical reasons, which further pushed him to make inquiries about cannabis; this, too, proved futile.

Long story short, he started by opening a free clinic in Denmark, where he’d educate people on combining natural medicine with their already prescribed drugs; this, in turn, ignited interests in more people to learn more about hemp.

From giving out free hemp seeds to charging for hemp oils, the founder increased and improved on his research into CBD at a time when cannabis was illegal; this leads him to the name Endoca, coined from “endocannabinoid.”

Today, Endoca CBD products are got from the growth of hemp on their organic soil, and their factory meets pharmaceutical standards. Their products have also been confirmed to be highly effective, and their services are prompt and efficient.

Herbz Depot

Herbz Depot is another stop for your CBD products, as well as hemp flower. Established in 2017, Herbz Depot has grown a customer base of over 20 000 consumers. That is indeed a remarkable feat that is proof of customer satisfaction and how effective the shop is. 

Herbz Depot was founded by Vlad Diudenko, who also doubles as the versatile CBD shop CEO.

Also, Herbz Depot supplies safe and high-quality CBD products. That has been proven by the lab test carried out by a third-party lab on all its products. More so, it is a legal store you can trust as it pays attention to the legal limits of such compounds as THC in cannabis-derived products.

The products you will find on the Herbz Depot website are derived from hemp plants farmed in the United States. The shop supplies fifty states in the U.S. Any order from within the U.S is shipped free to the customer. How great is that!

When you visit the site Herbz Depot, you will be amazed at the varieties of CBD products available for order. They include Delta-8 products (even on wholesale size), CBD gummies, tinctures and oils, bath bombs, hemp flower, vape cartridges, and so on.

A review by a customer, Brandy H., on the 5th of January, 2021, says this about the Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges:

“An amazing product! It helps my anxiety levels dramatically and helps with the pain I get from lupus flares. A huge bonus, the strains are listed in the product description for each flavor. I have bought three different carts so far, and I don’t see myself buying anything else but delta eight from now on.”

Aspen Green

Aspen Green is a family-owned business with its customers’ interest at heart by providing them with hemp and CBD products in their purest forms. They achieve this by partnering with farms in Colorado. Like any qualified company, they are appropriately involved in the production process of all hemp and CBD products they sell, from seed to packaging. 

Also, their products are devoid of long and short-term effects. Of course, it’s not complete without mentioning that they meet with laboratory test standards, as well as making sure that phytocannabinoid counts in their products are correct. Most importantly, they have a USDA certification for sales and services concerning hemp and CBD. 

Aspen Green has core principles by which they abide: quality, integrity, and transparency. They can maintain bragging rights because they offer excellent services and products.


The exciting thing about CBDFx is that they’re not only involved in the sales of CBD products, they also make it a point of duty to educate the people who visit their sites on CBD and its consequences. The more convincing thing is that they work with a philosophy which they spell out in clear terms, “a natural plant-based approach to self-care is always preferable to a pharmaceutical one (unless necessary).”

Have you ever heard of ‘vegan-friendly CBD products? Guess not. Well, with CBDFx, it’s been made possible, and not only is it vegan friendly, but it’s also made to perfection, and what’s more? It’s the first of its kind; a 100% vegan CBD gummy bear!

“How do you know they’re great?”

Again, (it’s beginning to sound cliché, but…) their products are clinically tested, and the proof is seen beside each product; the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).


Puregenics has a story behind it, and do we not love stories. The story is relatively short and precise. However, it’s being said that Puregenics started with a hemp CBD in Andalucia of Spain. Yes, that’s all, and of course, there’s a detailed version of the story. However, there are more reasons why they’re a good stop for your hemp CBD oils.

Puregenics is a unique brand as they offer just one product of CBD – the oils. Focusing on the oils as the only form of CBD product they offer comes in six options and different concentrations. You are sure to get them at top quality. The reason is that they meticulously see every step in the production process of these oils. 

Another unique thing about Puregenics is its ability to put out educational content (about CBD, their products, and other unrelated fun topics) and FAQs that will clarify misunderstandings and confusions as they relate to CBD and people, especially the beginners. It’s a site’s visitor’s haven.


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