Best Hemp Flower In West Virginia


Are you in search of where to get the best hemp flower in West Virginia? With the many available retail stores to choose from, it can get confusing. Do not worry; this article will guide you on the best places to get the best hemp flower in West Virginia. Before getting into all that, you must understand the legal climate of West Virginia when it comes to the sale and use of cannabis. Moreover, these change quite often, so you need always to be updated on this knowledge.

The Legality of CBD in West Virginia

The state of West Virginia has allowed for the sale of Hemp flowers and some recommended oils for treating certain medical conditions. Thus, it is important to mention from the start that the use of hemp flowers in West Virginia is legal. The department of Agriculture in West Virginia has approved certain business entities and individuals to grow, process, or handle industrial hemp. It is done through the issuance of a license. That applies to CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC as they can only be purchased with a license from pharmacies and only to patients with medical cards.

However, on an industrial scale, the sale of cannabis products does not require any form of license. Thus, this makes it easier for you to find hemp flowers in West Virginia: in big retail shops, any random salon, a gas station, etc. Therefore, although West Virginia has strict marijuana laws, you can still purchase hemp as this is no longer controlled, as stated by the 2018 Farm Bill.

This article will show you where you can get the best hemp flower in West Virginia, so you are assured of getting not just a good product but a great deal. You will also be introduced to the best online site to visit if you do not want to look for it physically.

Retailers with the Best Hemp Flower in West Virginia

The best hemp flower in West Virginia is sold in any of the locations discussed below. You can choose where is closest to you and has your preferences from these locations. When it comes to buying hemp flowers in West Virginia or even general, you must check if the source is reliable and trustworthy. Also, find out if they are good with customers and comply with the government’s regulations regarding the sale and distribution of hemp flowers. The suggested retailers in this section have all these afore-mentioned qualities, hence why they have been chosen.

The best retailers in the different parts of West Virginia are sectioned as follows:

In Charleston: If you live in the Charleston area, the most recommended place to get the best hemp flower is the Appalachian Cannabis Company. This company is passionate about using the Appalachian Mountains’ natural gifts in making medicine and food passed down from generation to generation. Their products are reputable for helping clients improve their health and general wellbeing. They do this by constantly researching how to produce and deliver the best hemp flower in West Virginia and the general market.

This company also advocates for patients’ rights to choose when it comes to medical cannabis and its products. They do this through the public’s education on the social, medical, and economic benefits that the product brings to the state.

Thus, you can visit the Appalachian Cannabis Company for your hemp flower and other related products such as lotion, bundles, oils, bath bombs, tinctures, salves, and pet products.

Other stores in Charleston where you can get the best hemp flower include Hazy Hollow Vapors, Cap City CBD Plus, The Capital City Vapors, and New Found Vapes LLC.

In Huntington: In the Huntington area, the top place to get the best hemp flower is the Mountain Grown company. This company aims to give better products than others in the growing West Virginian cannabis industry. This team is known for its friendliness in guiding patients on the use of medical cannabis via Cannabinoid Therapy. It has been ongoing since 2014 and has produced great results. Clients are also given a tutorial on using cannabinoids to practice the therapy independently with only the company’s staff’s necessary guidance.

Mountain-Grown products include capsules, drops, edibles, topical, articles for pets, and so on.

Other amazing places you can get hemp flowers in Huntington, West Virginia, are My Vapor Place, Smoke Time Sam’s, The Vapor Bar, District 4 Vapor, and Full Steam Vapor Huntington.

In Morgantown: Cool Ridge is the store for you if you live in Morgantown. It is a fairly new store with specialties in Kratom, hand-blown American glass, premium cigars, CBD, incense, tobacco accessories, and other specialty items and gifts. Many customers have attested that you can get the best smokable hemp flower in this store. The customer service is also commendable. The products found here are of great quality.

Also, in Morgantown are stores such as Glass Gone WOW, Smoker’s Emporium, The Vapor Hut, AVAIL Vapor, The Vapor Room, and so on.

In Parkersburg: Parkersburg is known for having so many options of hemp flower stores to choose from, too many, some may argue. However, you cannot go wrong with the hemp flower from The CBD Store. Because of their total dedication to hemp flowers and CBD, the CBD Store supplies only the best products. The various levels and forms of the products here are meant to meet each customer’s preferences and needs. They range from soft gels to water-soluble products, tinctures (even for pets), edibles, and topical applications. In general, the products from this store are meant to be used as herbal supplements.

The Ultimate Online Store for Hemp Flower in West Virginia

When you think about physically going to search for these stores to get your hemp flower, it can be discouraging. This is why everything has been made easy with the availability of online stores. Your best bet in getting high-quality hemp flowers and CBD products is the use of online shops to order for them. When shopping online, you save money that would have been used on intermediaries. You can order products in bulk and enjoy discount sales that local stores do not give.

The ultimate online store you can rely on for your hemp flower is Herbz Depot. This store has been tested and approved by a third-party lab. The products are organic and free from pests. More so, the customer reviews are encouraging.

Herbz Depot offers free shipping on every order done in the United States. Therefore, you save money that would have been used to move around local stores, even in West Virginia. That is in addition to the affordable prices of the shop’s high-quality products. These products include hemp flower itself, gummies, Delta 8 products, topicals, oil tinctures, pet products, Kratom, Bath Bombs, and Gel Capsules.

Visit their page at to order your preferred products.


In summary, it is easy to shop for hemp flowers in West Virginia as the laws do not prohibit its sale on an industrial scale. The local stores mentioned in this article are good places to check for the best hemp flower in West Virginia, no matter your location. However, moving around local stores can be time- and energy-consuming, especially when you need to buy in bulk. That is why you can go online to order your hemp flower, and what better online shop to visit than Herbz Depot.