10 Cannabis World Records That Will Trip You Out

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Many people aim for it, but only a few succeed in setting a world record. People have thought of everything to get their names into the record books, whether it’s the world’s longest fingernails or the world’s most giant ball of yarn. It’s no different for cannabis connoisseurs. Although some of these categories aren’t listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, they’ve been carefully documented and set a high (pun intended) bar for hemp enthusiasts worldwide.

We didn’t realize it was feasible to smoke 100,000 joints in one lifetime until Irvin Rosenfeld did it a few years ago. Or that the average person could be stoned for a decade or more if someone ever rolled a massive blunt.

So, look at this great list of cannabis world records; no one will ever accuse pot smokers of being unmotivated again. The numbers speak for themselves.

1. The most joint-smoking guy in the world

Irvin Rosenfeld broke the Guinness World Record for “the most marijuana consumed” in 2014. Irvin, or Irv, was awarded this title after stating and demonstrating that he had smoked over 115,000 joints.

How would he be able to demonstrate this? Irvin has survived the longest of the two federal medical marijuana patients in the United States. For the past 35 years, he’s been getting ten medicinal marijuana joints every day from the federal government to help him with a serious bone tumor.

2. The world’s largest joint rolled for the first time

Tony Greenhand is a roll-your-own-joints artist. To drive you insane, this guy rolls the strangest joint shapes. He’s made Marvel superhero-shaped joints, smokable Pokemon characters, firearms, explosives, and marijuana leaves, among other things.

So it’s no surprise that this individual set the world record for the largest joint ever rolled in history. Greenhand rolled a 4.20 pound (1.90 kg) joint over five days in 2016 to commemorate the stoners’ global holiday 4/20.

It was made out of a watermelon-shaped joint with a custom-built foundation to allow him to smoke from the hose he had linked to it for appropriate smoking.

3. The most giant blunt in history

The colossal blunt ever rolled in the same line as the enormous something. An American cannabis company recently shattered this stoner world record, set in 2017. The world’s most enormous blunt ever created contains 5 pounds (2.26 kg) of marijuana, worth tens of thousands of dollars. It took about a day for the company members to grind all of the essential cannabis to make the massive bazooka-sized blunt. This blunt lasted for nearly 4 hours when it came to smoking.

4. The most expensive joint ever rolled in the world

The world’s most expensive joint was rolled in 2018 at a celebration hosted by an American cannabis farm. What exactly did it entail? The following are some examples:

Premium marijuana flowers, 1.5 pounds (0.86 kg); bubble hash; solventless concentration; 24-karat gold rolling papers.

However, what was the significance of the occasion? The farm felt like a celebration of California’s recreational marijuana legalization. The bad news is that these guys didn’t smoke this historic 30-inch joint; instead, they sold it for $24.000 US dollars at an auction.

5. Biggest and steamiest HOTBOX in the world

A good ol’ hotbox is something that every stoner loves from time to time. A team of stoners set the world’s most iconic hotbox record in 2016. The determined stoners burnt 800 grams of dab in Barcelona, Spain, in 2016.

6. The largest DAB in the world

Another American dab firm was credited with setting the stoner world record for the most giant dab in the world. The firm held an event in 2015 to smash the previous dabbing record of 90 grams. With roughly 420 grams of hash (422 grams), the gang shattered the record by more than four times, igniting the dab of their lives and the dab of history.

7. The world’s largest cannabis farm

Aurora Sky in Alberta, Canada, is the largest grow-op globally. The greenhouse spans 800,000 square feet and sits on 30 acres of land. Aurora Sky can produce 8000 kg of green per month. 

8. The world’s most powerful Indica

Even though this record is constantly changing, a few strains continue to dominate the field. Irish Cream is now one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Indica strains available. This variety consistently produces consistent results in competitions, regardless of the grower or environmental conditions, with a THC content of over 27%.

9. The world’s most powerful Sativa

At prior Cannabis Cups, Ghost Train Haze set records by having the highest THC concentration of any submission. Rare Dankness Seeds, the cultivators, zealously guard their mind-blowing Sativa strain, which has an excellent THC potency of 25 to 27 percent. 

10. The world’s most powerful strain

Any strain that succeeds in acquiring this honor is unlikely to hold it for long. Nowadays, there is just too much competition among growers. It’ll be challenging to beat the hybrid Chiquita Banana, which boasts a THC content of nearly 33%. This renowned hybrid was created by crossing OG Kush with Banana.


Is there any use for world records? Probably not, but we enjoy learning about them, so why shouldn’t we have a little fun now and then?

Anyway, there are still so many more world records to create and uncover when it comes to the cannabis community.