Delta-8 THC Beginner’s Guide

Delta-8 THC Beginner’s Guide

The name Delta-8 appears in the media more and more often, but consumers of cannabis products still have many questions about this component. In recent months, Delta 8 THC has been the most talked-about cannabis product on the market. Its popularity is growing as more Delta 8 products become available online and testimonies from those who have used it for both medical and recreational purposes continue to pour in.

If you ask yourself, what is Delta-8 THC? Why is there so much question of its legality? In this Delta-8 THC beginner’s guide, we will dispel all your doubts!

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, sometimes known as Delta-8, is a cannabis component that has grown in popularity in recent years. It works with the endocannabinoid system in the body to produce homeostasis, or general balance and wellness. Cannabis and hemp both contain active chemicals known as cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid has its own set of qualities, effects, and medicinal potential. Delta-8 is a cannabinoid molecule found in marijuana that is related to Delta-9. It is found in small levels naturally in cannabis, but the majority of commercially accessible products are created by chemically converting Delta-9-THC or cannabidiol (CBD).

Why is Delta-8 THC so popular?

Delta-8 THC has been making waves on the internet, with many people sharing their experiences with it. These and other factors have contributed to Delta-8’s recent rise in popularity.

In addition, the substance’s appeal has grown due to a lack of regulation, sufficient education about the product, and legalization in some states. Delta-8 is preferred by users because it is prescribed to patients for specific conditions and does not cause significant harm to the body.

What do users think about Delta-8?

Delta-8 users believe the product is helpful for both health and relaxation. They describe it as a milder variant of Delta 9 THC that is more uplifting and clear-headed. Delta-8 users often report the same effects they experience with THC products. Benefits such as bliss, mild euphoria, pain relief, and uplifting feelings are noted. Delta-8 products might also help people suffering from insomnia.

What does science say about Delta-8?

Some people say there are not many studies on Delta-8 products, but there are studies that show the benefits these products have. For example, you can learn a lot about Delta-8 in “Delta8 Tetrahydrocannabinol” article published by Science Direct or read a very informative “What 5 Studies Say About Delta 8 Gummies” article by World Health. Keep reading this article as well, as below we share some of the studies done on Delta-8 that we find interesting.

Delta 8 THC was found to be an effective antiemetic (a substance that prevents vomiting and nausea) in a 1995 trial of children who were being treated with cancer medications.

In a 2018 study with mice, topical administration of Delta 8 THC and CBD reduced ocular discomfort and inflammation. The findings backed up previous research that suggested that activating the endocannabinoid system could be analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory.

Also, a 2004 study found that giving mice extremely modest doses of Delta 8 THC resulted in “increased food consumption and a tendency to improve cognitive function” with no negative effects. According to the findings, a modest dose of THC could be a “potential therapeutic agent in the treatment of weight disorders.”

How to consume Delta-8?

There is no correct or incorrect way to consume Delta 8 as it varies from person to person. While there are various options, the best option for you depends on how quickly you want to see the results, how long you want them to last, what kind of effects you want, and your personal preference.

It can be taken as: 

  • Edibles. Edibles are pieces of food, mainly gummies, that have been injected with Delta-8.
  • Vape Cartridges. You need a battery or a kit—this is the part where the cartridge is inserted. 
  • Delta-8 flower. Flowers of the cannabis plant infused with the Delta-8 cannabinoid. 
  • Dabbing. Most of the Delta-8 dabs are in the form of wax. This is good because it facilitates consumption, while having great power and good taste. 
  • Oral tinctures. All you have to do is drop a few drops of Delta-8 oil beneath your tongue. 
  • Topicals. For applying Delta-8 topical directly to your skin. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Delta-8

What is the difference between Delta 8-THC and Delta 9-THC?

The key distinction between Delta 8-THC and Delta 9-THC is their legal status at the federal and state levels. Delta 8-THC is federally legal and legal in 38 states, whereas Delta 9-THC is legally illegal and prohibited in the majority of states. Delta 8-THC and Delta 9-THC both induce euphoric psychoactive effects in users and have several medical and recreational benefits.

What makes Delta 8-THC the superior form of THC?

Delta 8-THC is superior because it carries all the benefits of other forms of THC, yet it is legal in most states.

Is Delta 8-THC legal in the USA?

Yes, Delta 8-THC is legal in some states in the USA. These states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

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