Top Hemp Flower Strains In The US

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The growing influence of hemp-derived edibles has resulted in an increase in the number of businesses and trademarks earning from it. As a result of the increased demand, the legality of CBD products derived from hemp has transformed significantly. Although purchasing hemp flower strains is allowed in some areas, there is still a gap in how the consumables are labeled and traded. As of now, both consumers and producers alike are looking for unambiguous and liberal regulations.

What is hemp flower strain?

A hemp flower strain is essentially a plant variant with a distinct genetic history that results in a distinct flavor character, terpene profile, and THC concentration. The tiny differences between one hemp flower and another within the same family of plants (Indica or Sativa) are referred to as “hemp flower strains”.

Note that hemp flower and hemp strain are two different things. There are numerous varieties of hemp strain, and each strain differs from the other by scent or aroma, and CBD concentration.

Hemp flower is the name given to the plant’s flowers that are being picked for their CBD and THC content. CBD or hemp flower is mainly derived from female cannabis plants and can be consumed or used topically. Hemp flowers are the best organic source for all types of cannabinoids as they remain highly organic and concentrated.

To know more about, you need to know about hemp flowers too. 

More about hemp flowers:

The female hemp plant is referred to as the CBD or hemp flower. The bud or flower of the hemp flower secretes cannabinoids (CBD) and resin to lure pollen from males and create seed when it attains maturity. Usually, farmers destroy male plants so that the female plants can devote all of their strength to nurturing and developing the bud and flower.

Indoor farming, outdoor farming, and greenhouse farming are all options for growing hemp flowers. Indoor farming is said to be a strategy for ensuring higher-quality hemp flower production. Hemp quality is determined by the type of crop and cultivation methods used.

Hemp is sown in the northern hemisphere between March and May and in the southern hemisphere in September and November. After planting, it takes three to four months for the plant to mature.

The plants are harvested 2-3cm above the soil as the flowers begin to bloom, and the harvested hemp is left to dry for 4 days. After that, it’s defrosted and processed.

Top hemp flower strains in the US

Below mentioned are the top hemp flower strains found in the US.

  1. Purple Runtz
  2. Skywalker Strain
  3. American Shaman
  4. Hawaiian Haze Strain
  5. Special Sauce
  6. Bubba Kush
  7. Recon Strain
  8. Lavender Jones Strain
  9. Rainbow Sherbet Strain
  10. Pink champagne strain
  11. Mag Landrace
  12. Elektra Strain
  13. Thai-Coast
  14. Punch Breath Strain
  15. Key Lime Pie Strain
  16. White 99 Strain
  17. White Buffalo Strain
  18. Strawberry Lemonade Strain

In 39 states, hemp flower is lawful, however, it is forbidden in four states and Washington, D.C. In December 2018, according to federal law, the hemp plant that contains no or less than 0.3% delta 9 THC is legalized to be distributed across 50 states. But not all states have made it legal.

Also in 2018, some regulatory changes were made in the Farm bill, which allows you to buy CBD and CBG flower products on various online platforms.

Different aromas and flavors of Hemp flower strain

You must be wondering, how does a hemp flower get different aromas and flavors?

Well, thanks to Terpenes.

Terpene is the component in the flower that is responsible for the different aromas and flavors.

This plant family has various kinds of oils. When the oils are extracted from flowers they are differentiated as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The best hemp flower strain will consist of all these three cannabinoids. 

Terpenes play a major role in your experience with cannabis by providing various smells and unique flavors. Each terpene has its aroma and taste.

Let’s see some of the common terpenes present in CBD flower, also their aroma and flavor,

  • Humulene: It has an earthy flavor with a woody smell
  • Linalool: It has a light taste like lavender ice cream with a floral scent.
  • Pinene: It has a minty taste with a distinct piney smell
  • Terpinolene: Some people find it fruity, others feel more like the floral or herbal taste. It has a mysterious smell where it smells like many things.
  • Limonene: It is sweet with a citric and fruity aroma
  • Myrcene: Tastes a little like mango with a musty smell
  • Caryophyllene: Tastes like peppermint, smells like cloves


There are many different hemp CBD flower strains to choose from, each with its own flavor profile and set of qualities. If you’re an expert, you can quickly identify the best strain, but newcomers won’t be able to do so.