How to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

How to Identify High Quality CBD Oil

With the abundance of CBD oil in the market from different brands and stores, it might be challenging to identify high-quality CBD oils. Just as with every other product, there would always be a fake or imitation of the original.

At first, they all look the same, but CBD oils vary in quality. People would make CBD oils of less quality to sell them at a cheaper rate to meet demands. That is why you need to check the authenticity of the CBD oils you purchase to avoid buying fake products that would not serve the purpose you got them. 

Check Extraction Methods

The best way to extract CBD without including any harmful substance is to use ethanol or CO2. The extraction process must be stated on the label of the product.

If you do not see this on the package, check their website to see if they have it listed. But if you do not see these details, do not buy because it would be of bad quality. Some brands use toxic chemicals like butane for extracting CBD, which alters the purity of the oil. 

Unreasonably Cheap

The first thing that should throw you off about CBD oil is the price. Nothing good comes cheap. You should question it highly if the price of a CBD oil product you want to purchase is lower than usual.

They use the low prices to lure people to their products that are poor in quality. Do not let price be an essential factor when deciding on a quality CBD oil.

If you want quality, you should be ready to pay the price. Only products that are adulterated would be sold for unreasonably low prices. You could still get high-quality products at an affordable price. 

No Clear Dosage

Some brands would hide their CBD dosage so that buyers would not be able to tell the quantity of CBD in the product. They do not want the buyer to know the amount of CBD in the product. Some even put the wrong dosage on their product just to attract buyers.

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum contains between 25% to 50%  CBD. It is vital to study the product’s dosage; if it is quite unclear or not seen, do not buy. 

Natural Grown Hemp

You need to look out for natural hemp products. Hemp absorbs everything from the soil it grows from, which means that it could absorb both vitamins and minerals and other hazardous substances that would be harmful to you.

It could absorb petroleum and a host of other toxic chemicals that would leave a damaging impact on your health. So you should look out for where they produced the product. 

Tested by A Third-Party Laboratory

A brand that knows what it is doing would make sure its product is tested and verified by an independent company. This verification would be well stated on the packaging of the product.

You should not have to look too far to find it. It shows that the brand has been tried and tested by scientists; CBD and THC’s level would be clearly stated.

Customer Review

Before you buy any product online, it is very wise for you to read reviews from those who have previously purchased the product. They are the ones that can give you an insight into the authenticity of the CBD product.

Customers who drop reviews would state why they got the CBD oil and if it served this particular purpose. You can then discern the quality of the product before you buy. After all, you have gotten testimonials from folks that have purchased the product before you. 

Look Out For Flavor

As they say, variety is the color of life. You might not be comfortable with a particular flavor, so you have to look out for the flavor that would not irk you.

Many people do not like the taste of hemp oil, so the flavors make them easily consumable. I am sure you do not want to buy an item that you might never use. 

Opt for full-spectrum

Full-spectrum oil is very effective because of the other molecule and chemicals from the hemp plant. You should study the product bottle if it is clearly stated that as ‘full-spectrum.

This is the only way you can know what works for you and, most importantly, the quality of what you are about to purchase. What should be at the back of your mind is that full-spectrum gives a wholesome experience. The colors of the oils are usually brown, green, or yellow. 

When you want to buy CBD oils, try to observe brands that many people have tested. You could even go as far as calling the brand’s customer care to ask them about their manufacturing process. The response you get would better inform your judgment about the product.

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