How To Use CBD Oil

How To Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is now on everyone’s lips. The world has gotten to know a lot about it and its benefits for both humans and animals. What most people are yet to grasp, though, is how to go about using it. 

There are several ways to take CBD. But, the most popular way to consume the product is as an oil. CBD oil is produced by mixing CBD with certain types of oil, like coconut oil. There are lots of such products out there. 

One of the challenges that people, especially new users, usually encounter in using CBD oil is dosing. The dosing of every drug usually depends on many factors like size, physiology, and other factors like the degree of suffering. 

We have made this article especially for those who wish to gain from the myriad benefits CBD oil offers but do not know where to start. Below are detailed steps on using CBD oil and gaining the maximum benefits from its use. 

If you are a new user, you can click here to know more about CBD and some of its uses. 

Acquaint Yourself With a Standard Dropper Shortcut 

If you use CBD oil frequently, you should know that most CBD products come with a standard dropper size inside their bottles. These droppers can be of immense help to you when ascertaining the correct dose of CBD oil to use. 

When you fully depress the bulb of a standard dropper, you are sure to get one millilitre of oil. Sometimes, the product indicates how much CBD is in a single drop. This would help you to arrive at how many drops you are required to use for your condition. 

Look Around The Label to Find The Serving Size

In some cases, it is a bit of rocket science to ascertain how much CBD is contained in a single drop because the product does not come with such specifications. For example, suppose the product only specifies the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. In that case, you will need a little logical calculation. 

For instance, a drop of CBD oil is about 0.05 millimetres; this means that a bottle containing a 5ml of CBD oil contains 100 drops. If the product says that the 5ml contains 500mg worth of CBD, then each drop will amount to about 5mg of CBD. 

This means that if you are supposed to consume 30mg of that product, you must take six drops. It is that simple. 

Try to Begin With a Small Dose and Add to it as You Go.  

The dosage of CBD you should take, depending on your condition, has not been agreed on. There are many factors you should consider when trying CBD oil. First, you should know every individual responds differently to CBD oil, so agreeing on a dose is not attainable. 

Even though a defined dosage has not been stated for any of the conditions CBD helps with, specific dosages have been employed to research different situations. Some of the dosages and conditions are: 

  • Insomnia: 25mg per day 
  • Anxiety problems: 300 to 600mg per day
  • Pain-related to cancer: 50 to 600mg per day 
  • Mental issues: 600mg per day
  • Parkinsonism: 75 to 300 mg per day 

If your doctor has recommended a dose for you, you must stay within what your physician has dictated. But, if you do not have a stable recommendation from your doctor, you can start by using 10 to 20mg daily. You can take this for a week, and monitor your body function, as you go on, to make sure you do not suffer any side effects from the use of this product. 

If, after use, the dose mentioned above does not suffice for your condition, you can try adding 5mg every week. Do this until you feel some relief from your symptoms.

After reading this article, we are pretty sure the cobwebs surrounding your use of CBD have been cleared. You can now purchase CBD products anytime you want, depending on the condition you intend to use them. 

There are a lot of CBD oil products out there in the market. But, of course, you can always get one for yourself. However, it would help if you were wary of where you get these products from. There are con men out there, and you would not want to fall victim to any. 

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