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All CBD products: What can you find in our CBD and hemp products shop?

Our online shop Herbz Depot is full of amazing and useful stuff made from the best quality hemp for your sense of wellbeing. We try to provide you with as much information as we can about all CBD products that we sell so you can make a conscious choice and choose the best possible products for you.

The following are the most popular products:

CBD Oila concentrated form of cannabidiol in a liquid carrier. In our online shop, we offer several types of CBD oils with differing concentrations. Our CBD oil is available in different strengths per bottle.

CBD Capsulesa convenient and discreet way to take your CBD in capsule form. Capsules that you can find here are derived from the most advanced production techniques and contain only pure cannabinoids.

CBD Salvesproducts with CBD-rich hemp oil for external use. Products such as creams and lotions can be applied directly to the skin.

CBD EdiblesCBD-infused foods and treats. There are many delicious options for both humans and animals! Many people enjoy eating CBD gummies and giving CBD treats to their pets.

CBD Pre-filled CartridgesCBD vape juices, liquids used for vaporizers. These CBD products come with different concentrations of CBD.

In our CBD shop, you can find many different products, not just CBD oil. The most popular types of products are Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 8 Vape Cartridges, HHC products, THC-O Acetate Vape Carts.

How does one choose the best CBD products?  

There are many hemp products on the market. It’s important to know what they are made of before purchasing them. So please choose the product you like and read more about it to ensure it’s the right fit for you!