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The Delta 8 THC is amazing, but it’s even better when it is available in the form of a sweet treat! That’s exactly what you get when you eat these gummies in the round, cube, ring forms.

What are Delta 8 gummies?

Delta 8 gummies (also known as D8 gummies) are delectable fruit snacks that contain the D-8 cannabinoid. This newly found, natural cannabinoid supports homeostasis in the same way that CBD does, but it will give you more blow for your money.

Delta 8 gummies are a product made with natural ingredients. It’s a fun way for adults to enjoy some flavorful hemp supplements. Just like most edibles, they take up to an hour before you begin feeling the effects.

D-8 products work twice as hard as other CBD products to give you the benefits. Even better, D8 does not have most of the side effects that D9 THC has. The major ingredient in hemp is D9 THC. It’s to blame for the “high” that hemp produces. Delta 8 is more potent than CBD but not quite as potent as Delta 9, so you shouldn’t have any serious side effects.

Why is it worth choosing Delta 8 gummies?


CBD has a nasty flavor, which is unappealing to certain customers. Instead of D8 gummies, you can choose from a fruity selection of tastes that taste like juice or candy. Renowned brands like Herbz Depot provide gluten-free, dye-free yummy treats. 

Convenience and Dose

Unlike other CBD products, Delta 8 gummies are easy to transport and consume, allowing you to take them whenever and wherever you choose.

Gummies provide a constant dose that is simple to keep track of. As a result, unlike with other products, you do not need to take the dose every time you take Delta 8. Put one (or two) in your mouth and you’re good to go!

Easy to Consume

Gummies appear to be just like any other candy, therefore you may rest assured that no one will know what you’re eating. Given the numerous misconceptions regarding cannabis products, some people may be embarrassed or unwilling to use D8 in public places. Taking your daily dose of D8 on the bus, at work, or while waiting in line for lunch gives you the perfect disguise in the form of a candy-look-alike.

Effect Time 

D8 interacts with your body differently depending on how you take it. The effects of Delta 8 gummies take longer to show results since your body must go through the biological process before the cannabinoids are processed. This means the gummies first enter your digestive tract through the mouth, where it is broken down. Then, the broken compound is transferred into the bloodstream which further moves to the brain. However, this also means that the impacts of the compound will last longer. The longer it takes to reach the brain the longer its effect remains in the body. 

Benefits of Delta 8 edibles:

  1. Natural composition of gummies;
  2. Gummies are delicious, with a memorable flavor;
  3. Fitness to the international standards;
  4. Premium quality at affordable prices;
  5. No artificial ingredients and preservatives;
  6. High concentration of active substances per one gummy.

All Delta 8 products that you can find in Herbz Depot are made with care by high-quality brands.

How to choose the best Delta 8 gummies?

Process of Extraction

Hemp-derived CBD is extracted using CO2 gas extraction methods, which is the safest method because it does not leave any toxic solvents in the final product. Make sure the extraction procedure is clean, safe, and pure before sorting out D8 tinctures or products containing D-8 oils. 


Artificial additives and preservatives are detrimental to your health. In Delta 8 products, look for organic, all-natural components that are ideally non-GMO. Artificial substances may alter the flavor of the product, decreasing its quality even further.

At Herbz Depot we carefully select the product. All our packaging keeps favors and quality of the product intact. Our products contain no MCT oil, dyes, or gluten, but they contain natural flavors and are vegan. 

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

All D8 products must undergo third-party testing for cannabis content and label accuracy to demonstrate their efficacy and safety. Look for a different provider if a company doesn’t list CoAs for its products or flatly refuses to submit them for testing. This could imply that their goods are of poor or dangerous quality.

At Herbz Depot all the products that we hold have been tested and verified by a third-party laboratory. To gain our customer’s trust and to give them surety, we also upload CoA for all products online. We don’t do business with any brand that is reluctant to provide their CoAs online. 

You can find more gummies in our online shop

The Herbz Depot store in Charlotte features a wide variety of gummies and other treats for sale. They are conveniently divided into categories. In our offer you will find: 

Regardless of which product you choose, you can rest assured that it has been made with great care. Each product is high-quality, conveniently packed and tastes great! To get started, all that is required is to select a category and flavour that you would like to try. For example, from the Delta 8 gummies category, we offer to try Delta 8 Gummies Blue Raspberry Squares 1000 mg.

Delta 8 Gummies Blue Raspberry

Order Delta 8 Gummies Blue Raspberry Squares now

Gummies in the flavour of Blue Raspberry are fantastic. This is something every hemp fan should try. We are confident in both the product’s high level of quality and its delicious flavour because it is a part of a special line that we have recently introduced. They are packed in a very convenient jar that you will take with you wherever you want.

Best place to buy Delta 8 online?

There are various online sites and local stores where you can get D8 gummies, but Herbz Depot doesn’t sell just any gummies, but we sell quality to our consumers. Our product range includes gummies in different shapes (square, rings, etc.) and flavors (Watermelon, Peach, Blue Raspberry, Dragon Fruit, etc.). The best site to get Delta 8 gummies online is Herbz Depot. All of our Delta 8 gummy varieties are available in secure containers at a cheap price, so you can test them out without risking your entire bank account.

Our store is a great place where you can find Delta 8 products because we know what we are selling as we carefully select the product of the highest quality.

Make a decision

You can buy Delta 8 gummies online. Choose the flavour, size, and quantity of Delta 8 gummies you want before placing your order online; gummies Delta 8 come in a variety of flavours. After that, all you have to do is fill out the order form with the necessary information to complete the transaction.

While placing an online order for Delta 8 gummies, you should know that the company will use this information to contact you and ship the delivery. Your name, address, and the city and state where you live are all that is required. Place your order today!

Q & A

Types of Delta 8 gummies?

Herbz Depot gummies are a great choice you can select if you are seeking for organic edibles with a Delta 8 THC concentration that is of a high grade. These gummies come in a variety of flavors, including Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Dragon Fruit, Peach, and Watermelon, and they are sold in packages of varying sizes, each of which can be purchased individually.

Additionally, there’s a range of strengths available in Delta 8 gummies. In most cases, the complete bottle will have a cumulative amount (expressed in milligrams) indicated on the label. On other occasions, the brand will separate it by each individual gummy.

When and how DELTA 8 was created (history)?

When compared to CBD, delta-8-THC emerged much later on the scene, which led many individuals to believe that it was a “innovative” cannabinoid that was developed. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t all that new, and the discovery of Delta-8 is credited to some of the most prominent cannabis experts decades ago.

Roger Adams, an American organic chemist, was the first person to publish an article in 1941 about the partial synthesis of delta-8-THC. This event is considered to be the beginning of the history of delta-8-THC. Almost immediately after that, he and his fellow researchers at the University of Illinois started looking into the psychoactive effects of Delta-8 and Delta-9.

Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist who is frequently referred to as “the father of cannabis,” is said to have successfully completed the whole synthesis of delta-8-THC in the year 1965. It wasn’t until 1970 that a paper detailing the complete pharmacology of Delta-8 and the other cannabinoids was finally published.

Delta-8-THC was more commonly known as Delta-6-THC (6-THC) when it was first discovered; however, it has now been renamed Delta-8-THC to more precisely reflect its structure as we’ve gained more knowledge about the entire molecule and the double bond arrangement in it (which is at carbon chain position 8).

How much DELTA 8 gummies should I take?

Your own level of experience and tolerance will strongly influence the response to this question. Herbz Depot’s Delta-8 cannabidiol (THC) gummies each have 25 mg of Delta-8 THC.

If, on the other hand, you have never used Delta 8 THC before or are just concerned about taking too much of it, we strongly advise beginning with a quarter dose (which is equivalent to roughly 12.5 mg) or a half dose (about 6.25 mg).

Our clientele is living, breathing examples of the fact that no two people have the same reaction to Delta-8 THC. It is possible that you will be able to tolerate a higher starting dose of Delta-8 THC (marijuana products) if you are already a heavy consumer of these products.

How popular are D8 gummies?

Delta-8-THC, a chemical found in cannabis, has seen a rise in popularity across the United States since the year 2020.

In recent years, consumers have been reaping the benefits of a new and enhanced version of conventional Delta 8 gummies, and as a result, the cannabis market has been taken over by these small but potent edibles. 

Edibles containing delta-8, such as gummies, are extremely powerful items. Not only do these products include a respectable quantity of delta-8 THC (up to 25mg with the products sold by Herbz Depot), but they also have a higher potency compared to other methods of ingesting delta-8, such as vaping or smoking.

Currently, Delta 8 gummies are mostly popular in Pennsylvania and Texas. 

Is D8 addictive?

The simple answer to that question is “yes.” If someone uses Delta 8 on a consistent basis, they run the risk of becoming dependent on the substance. If they try to cut back on their use of the drug, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. This is true of all substances that alter the way the body and brain function. This is mostly due to the fact that the substance has two features that are interdependent with one another: tolerance and the ability to promote obsessive use.

Being conscious of how frequently and how much you use of Delta 8 can help you steer clear of developing a dependency on the substance. Regular use is something that should be avoided at all costs unless it is specifically advised to do so by a qualified medical practitioner. Because Delta 8 is not known to have any long-term effects on the body or the mind, there is always a chance that the negative effects you are feeling can be mitigated or eliminated altogether. This is true even if you find yourself dangerously close to becoming addicted to the substance. Never forget to control your consumption of Delta 8 gummies!

D8 edibles vs D9 edibles?

Your whole experience is strongly influenced by the components that go into your edible cannabis products. If you intend to utilize cannabis edibles as a catalyst for your wellness, it is in your best interest to select edibles that are manufactured in the most natural way possible and do not include a large number of additional chemicals and preservatives.

Because of the lower THC concentration used in their production, Delta 8 edibles will have a lower psychoactive effect. As of right now, Herbz Depot stocks both edibles with a delta 8 profile and delta 9 profile.

Because delta 9 THC is more effective, you only need a lower dose to get its effects. This is one of the reasons why we at Herbz Depot prefer to place an emphasis on delta 9 THC in our products. Delta 9 edibles can be made by combining our quality full spectrum CBD oils with other ingredients, such as our scrumptious Blue Raspberry flavored delta 9 edibles (gummies), or our cherry flavored delta 9 edibles (also gummy form).

Is it possible to have a delta 8 allergy?

Yes, an allergy to Delta 8 is a real possibility despite how unpleasant it may sound. As hemp products gain greater acceptance on a global scale, an increasing number of people are coming forward to disclose experiencing allergic responses.

Having allergies is a miserable condition that affects millions of individuals all over the world. There are a number of frequent allergens in the environment, like grass, dust, and peanuts; but, it can happen some people may be allergic to something that is less common, such as Delta 8. 

Is it okay to order Delta 8 gummies online? 

Absolutely! Herbz Depot has the assortment of Delta-8 THC gummies that you have been seeking for if you have been searching online for where to buy the greatest gummies. Our comprehensive online catalog provides access to all of our premium Delta-8 THC products, each of which can be consumed in a number of different ways.