Is It Safe to Smoke Dried CBD?

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Does smoking hemp-dried CBD produce the same results as consuming it? And most of all—is it legal? We dispel all doubts about the smoking of dried CBD!

What is dried hemp with CBD?

We will start by explaining what is CBD flower. The dry hemp has a very low THC content, such as less than 0.3%. This is the amount allowed by United States law, which is why such products are legal.

There are two types of CBD cannabis. The first is dried hemp from Cannabis Sativa. Such cannabis generally does not contain large amounts of THC. They are grown legally and produce slightly different flowers than Cannabis Indica. They even differ in appearance too. 

So another type of dried CBD is one made from Cannabis Indica, which theoretically contains a large amount of THC. Theoretically. Because to obtain non-psychoactive CBD, cannabis breeders cross varieties so that the cannabis plant does not produce THC, but would be rich in other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Our store offers only legal CBD dried, and all our products come from certified hemp varieties. 

The CBD flower sold in our store is devoid of high THC concentrations, thanks to which this product is safe and fully legal. We invite you to learn about our hemp drought and the category specially created for it.

How to smoke dried CBD?

If you are wondering how to use dried CBD to do the most good for you and your body, invest in a vaporizer. This device allows you to heat the material to the right temperature (in the case of hemp it is between 160 and 200 degrees Celsius) without burning it. Smokeless inhalation of dried hemp flowers allows you to use all their effects. In addition, it is simply more pleasant, because the vapor generated by vaporization smells better and is milder in taste than the smoke from burnt cannabis. Inhaling CBD through the inhalation process puts it in direct contact with the alveoli, which then carry the CBD directly into the bloodstream. Usually starts working within 5-10 minutes and lasts up to about 2 hours.

Can CBD flower be overdosed?

CBD as the main ingredient in hemp is considered safe in doses up to 1,500mg per day (obviously don’t try this if you’re new to CBD products). This dose is the equivalent of about 30 grams of dried hemp with a CBD concentration of 5% – consuming such a large amount would require a lot of effort.

What’s better, oil, or dry CBD hemp?

Both forms are equally effective. The guarantee of effectiveness is the active substance (CBD), which is present in both the oil and the dried fruit.

Where to buy CBD hemp?

The best prices are usually obtained from online store, like Herbz Depot. A certain group of people still use vending machines. However, we advise against them. It is better to find a proven supplier and order good-quality products in the online store. You can see our catalog with dried CBD flower products right away!