Sour Diesel CBD Flower Review

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This article reviews the sour diesel CBD flower, a guide, if you will, to let you in on the composition of this CBD flower. It will also show you how to consume this product, its effects, and the best place to buy it for maximum results.

Sour diesel CBD flower is in high demand on the market due to its potency. If you are about to indulge in this hemp product, you need to get a full review of it. This review will guide you on which source to get Sour Diesel from and how to consume it for the best results on your general wellness.

What is Sour Diesel CBD Flower?

It is a dominant strain of the Sativa plant family. Sour Diesel is named after its apparent sour aroma. It is bright green with orange pistils. Although the color mix of sour Diesel compliments the flower, it cannot be classified in the same category as other hemp flowers that are exotic in appearance. 

However, sour diesel CBD flower has a distinct flavor and a pungent, gaseous aroma. Its buds are dense, sticky when you touch them but not dry. 

Sour Diesel acts fast when consumed. Therefore, this Sativa strain is ideal for consumers that have built a high tolerance for cannabis products and not new users. Also, people suffering from critical health issues that need such a potent product can use it.

There are various ways to ingest sour Diesel. You can roll it in a joint and smoke it; you can use a vape pen, a bong, or the extracted oil. Any of the methods of ingestion that appeals to you, you can apply.

Sour Diesel CBD flower is locally grown and sourced from Oregon in the United States. Because of how highly potent this CBD flower is, it is one of the most highly requested cannabis on the market.

The Genetics of Sour Diesel CBD Flower

The genetics and origin of Sour Diesel are not straightforward as the underground market has made the official channels more challenging to pursue. However, Sour Diesel is said to have originated in 1991 from the following:

  • Sour Diesel is suspected to be a cross strain between Skunk #1 (Super Skunk) and Chemdawg91. Both composing strains are known for their skunky, pungent aroma with strong jabs of gasoline or kerosene.
  • Another possibility of its origins is that it is derived from the famous Sativa hybrid called Diesel, a dominant strain that comprises Indica and Sativa in the ratio 30:70.

More importantly, and not minding its genetics, sour Diesel is a hybrid or crossbreed with premium hemp. The purpose is to reduce the THC high levels from the flower and make it more compliant with the Farm Bill.

In essence, Sour Diesel CBD Flower is licensed and can be legally obtained for consumption.

What is the Terpene Profile of Sour Diesel CBD Flower?

The terpenes in Sour Diesel are known to energize the consumer and encourage their creativity to be top-notch. It also creates a balance in the endocannabinoid system.

All these health benefits are possible because terpenes work on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Such terpenes include Caryophyllene, Pinene, Linalool, Limonene, and Myrcene.

The Use of the Aroma and Flavor of Sour Diesel CBD Flowers

The sour and tangy scent that Sour Diesel is known for becomes apparent when you break apart the flower’s bud. After pre-rolling and lighting it up, the strong kerosene scent takes over. These work in energizing and stimulating your mind while your body relaxes at the same time. Thus, the smell and taste are similar and helpful in creating that relaxing effect that you need.

What are the Effects of Sour Diesel CBD?

After consuming sour diesel CBD flower in whatever form suits your preference, you should expect the following effects:

  • The initial fast-acting effect of Sour Diesel can be overwhelming for beginners who might get thrown away by it. For veterans and purists, the hard-hitting impact will be a great delight.
  • You will feel energized, motivated, and focused, a perfect feeling to have during the day.
  • You will not feel spaced out or dazed in any way.
  • Your mind can explore its creative side while your body gets relaxed under the influence of the CBD flower. 

Where to buy the Best Sour Diesel CBD Flower

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Sour Diesel CBD Flower Review on Herbz Depot

If you want to order this CBD flower product on Herbz Depot online store, you need the necessary information on the product you are getting.

  • This strain of sour Diesel is grown fresh on Oregon Farms in the United States, and shipping across the U.S is done for free.
  • The total Terpenes found in this CBD flower is 2.01%.
  • It is significant in size, and its buds are green in color. It is very distinct.

The cannabinoid test provides the following results:

  • CBD is 0.79%
  • Delta 9 THC is 0.033%. It implies that it is within the federal government’s legal frame, so you do not have to worry that illegal products are being sold to you.
  • The CBDa is 22.08%
  • The total sum of cannabinoids in the Sour Diesel CBD flower is 25.69%. That makes it one of the hemp plants with the highest CBD cannabinoid profiles. 
  • You should note that it is due to the lab testing is done by a third-party lab that Herbz Depot can determine the effects of the CBD flower being sold to you.


Sour Diesel CBD Flower is a very potent cannabis strain that is popular among experienced users of cannabis. If you are a new user, you will find the information in this article helpful before you begin using this CBD flower.

The safe supplier of sour Diesel you can rely on is Herbz Depot, a site known for selling the best hemp products on the market.