What Do You Need to Know About Delta-8?

What do you need to know about Delta-8?

Delta-8 has captivated and perplexed a wide range of individuals, including its creators, for a long time. Now that Delta 8 has triumphed in some areas, it has left many people with impressive results. The latest buzz about Delta 8 is riddled with influential studies on its effects. The results of them are entirely astonishing as many thought otherwise.

The studies found strong conscience and impetus in the scientific community while, on the other hand, Delta-8 itself was getting brewed, blended, and bartered for astonishing outcomes. The makers of Delta 8 were the biggest winners and gained a valuable market out of the hemp products. Herbz Depot was also among the winners who introduced high-quality and accomplishing products of Delta-8 in the form of gummies and vape cartridges.

Is Delta-8 similar to Delta-9?

Delta-8 is a kind of THC; it’s often called the euphoric ingredient in marijuana or hemp plants. When people talk about THC, they usually speak about Delta-9 THC, which is the most common and found in abundance in hemp and marijuana plants, while studies have proved that Delta-8 is found in far fewer numbers than Delta-9. According to the National Cancer Institute, the main dissimilarity between Delta 8 and Delta-9 THC is that Delta 8 exhibits mild psychotropic effects. That means it won’t give you nearly the same “high” as regular THC, but it can still make some changes.

Commercial Delta 8 is mainly derived from hemp plants, but because most dried cannabis flowers have less than 1% Delta-8 THC, extracting, separating, converting, and distilling dried cannabis flowers is the only way to get a product with a significant level of Delta 8 THC and other compounds.

How Delta-8 THC is garnering a happy customer base?

We are only now learning why cannabis has been consumed as a natural sleep aid for hundreds of years. Its effects have been studied extensively. But it’s not the only cannabinoid with these properties. As additional evidence emerges, it’s certain to outline that Delta 8 THC is finding a good number of happy users in almost all parts of the world. The market is seeing a wide range of Delta-8 products that are used by millions in the US.

Moreover, people like to try Delta 8 with other CBD supplements for additional positive effects. You can blend Delta-8 with commercial CBD products and try it yourself, just remember to talk to your doctor first.

Wondering which products to try?

The popularity of Delta-8 items is well-known. Manufacturers have introduced a variety of them to meet the expanding demand. Continue reading to learn about the best brands and products on the market today.

Gold Silver Delta 8 Disposable “Strawberry Cough”

Gold Silver Delta 8 Disposable “Strawberry Cough”

Strawberry Cough’s origins are unknown, although it was most likely created by Kyle Kushman from a cross of Erdbeer or Original Haze and an Indica. According to legend, he started with cannabis seeds from a plant growing in a strawberry field on the East coast of the United States (possibly in somewhere Vermont).

Aside from a few minor variations, the flavor is very identical to the aroma. The overall flavor is rich in sweet strawberries, but there are also notes of earth, comparable to when you eat a berry fresh from the ground. Strawberry Cough is a must-try strain for any stoner; the tropical fruit richness is wonderfully balanced with mild earth and grass undertones.

Most importantly, its name correctly describes its flavor profile, scent, and look—so the next time you see it sitting on the shelf in your dispensary or online shop, like Herbz Depot, grab a gram or two and take a few puffs.

The Hemp Doctor Delta 8 Vape Cartridge “Zkittlez”

Delta 8 Vape Cartridge “Watermelon Zkittles”

Zkittlez—one of America’s most popular, aromatic, fragrant, and award-winning cannabis strains—is bursting with aroma and flavor. 

With its thick, moderate-to-small stature and rounded density, Zkittlez resembles an Indica hybrid. It has numerous reddish-brown, gold, and blond pistils on a medium-green to the lime-green background. Rather than locking the grinder, its fused leaves break apart smooth and chewy. That massive terpene load transfers to massive flavors, too: a rainbow gobstopper of sugary orange and pine, followed by a floral-fuel bite, then back to orange. You can find the Delta-8 vape cartridge with Zkittlez strain in our online shop.

The Hemp Doctor 1 Gram Delta 8 Disposable Vape “Runtz”

The Hemp Doctor 1 Gram Delta 8 Disposable Vape “Runtz”

Runtz, a Los Angeles-based brand, is known for its fruity flavor profile, potent-yet-balanced high, and diverse color palette. It’s the offspring of a Gelato #33 phenotype and Zkittlez, and it has now grown a family of phenotypes, with White Runtz and Pink Runtz becoming popular strains in their own right. 

Runtz does a good enough job of maintaining that candy-shop charm from scent to smoke. Similar to Alien Rock Candy, sugary hints with berry notes are cut out by faint undertones of moist soil and pine, giving the flavor a little earthy balance to all that sweetness.

Some of that sugary enjoyment has made its way into the cannabis world, with strains like Zkittlez, Kush Mints, and Candyland all enjoying varying degrees of popularity in recent years. And yet none of them have snatched the tongues of potheads like Runtz.

What Delta-8 products can you buy online? 

In Herbz Depot online shop, you can find the following Delta 8 products:

  • Disposable vapes
  • Vape cartridges
  • Edibles (Delta-8 gummies) 

You can see the whole assortment in our Delta-8 catalog

What do you need to know about Delta-8?


While cannabis has always prompted significant discussion, emerging research suggests that Delta-8 THC can be the right fit for many consumers. Just remember to talk to your doctor before using any new supplements or hemp products.