What Is the Difference Between Delta-8 And Delta-9 THC?

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What is the distinction between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC? We’ll clear the air on these two cannabis components in this article.

Many individuals seek out Delta-8 for the multiple benefits it can offer, but it’s also popular for recreational purposes. However, there may be some misunderstanding about the many forms of Delta-8 and Delta-9-THC, so let’s clear things up. 

Key differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC

Delta 8-THC and Delta 9-THC are both cannabinoids that occur naturally in the plant. Delta 8-THC is commonly used with a possibility to ease nausea, vomiting, weight loss or appetite issues caused by chemotherapy for cancer patients. In certain cases, it also can be an effective solution for many conditions, including glaucoma, AIDS-related illnesses, multiple sclerosis (MS) and certain types of pain.

Delta 9-THC is a full cannabinoid that can be used to ease inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, pain, sleep disorders and spasticity from multiple sclerosis. It may also help reduce seizures in people with epilepsy as well as substance dependence. Delta 8 THC is the precursor of delta 9 THC, which is found in the mature flower.

What should consumers know about Delta-8 THC? 

Consumers should consider what has worked for them in the past with other types or strains of cannabis before deciding which product to buy. If you’re new to Delta-8, it would be better to start with a low-dose product.

Anyway, unlike delta-9 THC, which is found largely in cannabis, delta-8 THC should not cause the rushing stress, anxiety, or paranoia that comes with overdoing it on an edible or smoking too much cannabis.

Delta-8 is gaining popularity among cannabis users because of its possible calming benefits and lower risk of causing anxiety and paranoia. Delta-8 gummies are one of the most popular delta-8 supplements, although there are a variety of different possibilities.

What you should know about Delta-9-THC 

Delta 9 THC is a cannabinoid found in hemp (in small amounts) and marijuana (in large amounts). It contains psychedelic qualities, which can cause symptoms that are pleasurable for some but terrifying for others.

Delta-9 binds to CB1 receptors solely, whereas delta-8 binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mostly found in the neurological system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and organs, whereas CB2 receptors are mostly found in the immune system and its related structures.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9-THC) is a schedule 1 substance that is prohibited in the United States. While some states have legalized the sale and use of Delta-9-THC for medical and recreational purposes, it remains a controlled substance.

What types of Delta-8 products are available?

Due to its popularity, the possibilities are high that it’s in your best interest to start searching for Delta-8-containing cannabis products when you’re out shopping. You can’t be sure if a product contains Delta-8 unless it’s clearly and properly labeled, just like with other cannabis characteristics, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Delta-8 is available in a variety of formats, including:

  • Delta-8 Gummies
  • Delta-8 pre-filled cartridges 
  • Delta-8 Creams and Lotions
  • Delta-8 Tinctures

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Which one should you pick?

Regardless of the option you choose, we recommend buying it from a reputable supplier. It’s especially crucial to buy Delta-8 and CBD from a company that farms organic hemp and processes it safely, as these products are often less regulated than licensed cannabis.