Which CBD Is Right For Me?

Which CBD Is Right For Me?

CBD is a constant source of thrill for many in the West but the bitter part that you need to digest is that many users are unaware of the vast variety of CBD supplements and types. The CBD market is always booming around the world not just for the thrill but for many effects that sometimes are best in countering mental disorders and pain. Yes, right. It’s considered one of the most popular sources of pain relief, which has baffled both scientific experts and consumers. The vastness of the CBD realm makes it even more confusing while buying the best CBD. Hence, coming to the initial problem of selection of CBD supplements and types, this blog from Herbz Depot will offer a delicate picture of the same while delivering information that will ultimately guide on choosing the best CBD from the market, i.e. which CBD is right for you?

Does CBD Offer Health Benefits?

The chemical component cannabidiol (CBD) is largely extracted from the cannabis Sativa plants or hemp plants of the same variants, which contains less THC (another cannabinoid responsible for the high or euphoric effect). It has had a significant increase in popularity in recent years because of the numerous health benefits, as reported by consumers and experts/scholars from the medical field, and some of them might include:

  1. Stress Reduction, Anxiety Killer, Anti-Depressant
  2. More Restful Sleep
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Activities (prevents swelling inside the body)
  4. Pain Relief, Calmness During Trauma
  5. Relief For Patients With Arthritis And Cancerous Symptoms

Prominent comedian and writer Tommy Chong writes thatCBD can be used to calm anxiety, heal injuries, and prevent sickness.

Oils, tinctures, gummies, candies, creams, and soft gels are just a few of many CBD products available in the market but it is important to know their effectiveness so that users can get the most benefits.

So, Which CBD Is Right For Me? Ultimate CBD Consumption Guide

As mentioned earlier, the market is filled with a wide range of CBD and THC products while it is wise to say that not all of these products are manufactured with optimum guidelines and methodologies. Some cheap manufacturers may not offer the best CBD products for your health needs. Moreover, each of the CBD products has its own effectiveness and quality, which are measured in the form of rate of absorption and bioavailability.

What is CBD’s rate of absorption and bioavailability? 

The rate of absorption refers to how rapidly the CBD oil is absorbed and acted upon by your body. It is also known as Onset Time. This is mostly a matter of personal choice i.e. do you want a CBD product that shows rapid effect? The term “Onset” refers to the length of time it takes for a chemical to take action.

Oral CBD supplements must first be absorbed through the digestive tract, they take at least 30 minutes to work. But, because the active ingredient gets directly into the bloodstream through the lungs, inhalation or vaping technique offers the quickest effects; i.e. they possess higher onset time.

This is owing to the fact that the bioavailability of these various modes of delivery differs.

In layman’s terms, bioavailability refers to the efficiency with which a chemical is absorbed after it enters the body. The greater a substance’s bioavailability, the faster it will be absorbed and the more noticeable its effects will be.

Low bioavailability substances will take longer and make you feel weaker. The length of time CBD stays in your system may be affected by bioavailability.

The diagram below will help understand the different types of CBD and their difference as per bioavailability and rate of absorption.

CBD comparison

Types Of CBD Available In The Market 

There are mainly 3 types of CBD in the market but one should be careful while buying because each of these types is developed for specific uses depending on the concentration of the CBD compounds.

CBD IsolateCBD Broad SpectrumCBD Full Spectrum
DefinitionIt’s the purest and most concentrated form of CBD (without THC). CBD Isolate is the most effective form of CBD, and their CBD tinctures and edibles are the most potent ones.This is a milder version of CBD i.e. broad-spectrum CBD offers lighter dosages of CBD but it may contain some amount of other cannabinoids.This is the most popular kind among frequent users who want to get high. To your surprise, full-spectrum CBD incorporates a considerable amount of THC.
THCCBD Isolate has no THC presence.It may contain little amount of THC for giving the high effect.Yes, they contain THC and can make you high or euphoric within 15 minutes.
Flavoring CannabinoidsFlavoring cannabinoids are not found in best quality Isolates.Maybe.Yes, they are filled with flavonoids.
TerpenesCBD Isolate is free of terpenes.They may contain terpenes to add more aroma to the unpleasant raw CBD smell.CBD full-spectrum also contains terpenes to remove the unpleasant smell.

How Long Does Quality CBD Have an Effect?

While buying CBD, you must be careful of the products as the market is filled with an ocean of cheap products that don’t offer any health benefits. On the contrary, they can produce side effects to aggravate any existing medical issue. At Herbz Depot, you can suitably enjoy with best quality lab-tested, pesticide-free CBD supplements (made in the USA) that feature additional terpenes without any THC. 

But, one thing is certain. The effect of CBD or any other related supplements depends on various factors. The following list contains the top factors that can affect the overall potency of CBD in your body.

A. Dosage Amount Of CBD

If you are an experienced person doing your daily doses then you possibly know the basic principle. It says, the higher the amount of CBD you consume, the higher will be its effects. Small doses will have effects but may not last for a long duration. If you are already taking usual marijuana then the effects may considerably reduce.

If you are a newcomer in the field then you should discuss with a doctor and determine a dosage that will suit your body as high doses in the initial stages may not offer satisfactory results.

B. Frequency Of CBD Dosage

Another element that impacts how long CBD benefits stay is how frequently you consume CBD products. CBD stays in your body for longer the more you use it. The accumulation of CBD after repeated use may cause its benefits to persist longer. However, if you are using CBD products only part-time then its effects may not be the same as in the case for regular users. 

C. CBD’s Effects Differ Person-To-Person

The human body varies from person to person, much like the qualities of important chemical elements. The human body varies according to age, fat content, medical conditions (if any), BMI, water content, and other factors.

As a result, CBD products may have various effects on different persons. For example, if you have less fat in your body, your body will be less capable of storing a large concentration of cannabinoid compounds. Hence, your body will be able to absorb the chemical faster, reducing the overall potency period.

D. Lifestyle Affects CBD Effects

Your lifestyle, in addition to your body fat, has an impact on the effects of CBD in your body because your metabolic process is largely influenced by your lifestyle. Your metabolic process will operate at an enhanced pace if you are working hard or doing lots of exercises. At this point, your body will be able to quickly metabolize the cannabinoid you take while if you are staying idle the whole day and night, the rate of metabolism of CBD compounds will reduce drastically.

Pain Relief

Which CBD Should I Consume?

It is useful to spend a bit of time evaluating the numerous CBD products and supplements that are available with Herbz Depot while you can also follow the chart given above to find the right CBD. Additionally, consider your lifestyle and the benefits you hope to obtain from CBD.  Additionally, keep in mind that you are not obligated to use only one sort of CBD product. See the table below to find the right CBD as per specific issues.

Type Of IssueCBD Supplements To Take
Joint Pain, ArthritisSublingual dosage of CBD tinctures can offer great relief against numerous types of pain including arthritis.
Acute Pain, Chronic PainCombination of sublingual dosage and using CBD vape will provide a substantial amount of relief against chronic and enduring pain.
Insomnia, AnxietyIf you are new to CBD, 1-2 drops is enough to give sleep-inducing effects and make things calmer.
Skin-related issues, AcneThere are a range of CBD supplements that you can buy for topical use. They include bath bombs, balms, creams, etc., which are ideal for skin-related issues.
Depression, Social FearCBD edibles in the form of gummies, cooking oil may offer great fixes against depression and fear.
InflammationOur renowned CBD soft gel capsules made with water-soluble hemp oil, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids are considered the best against all inflammatory issues in the human body.

The Bottomline:

CBD and its wide variety of supplements are going to thrill the world for a long period of time while its effects can only be enhanced using the right studies and research. At the end of the day, it is your game to determine which CBD is right for you. Herbz Depot offers all kinds of CBD products that one can use for any issues. 

Lastly, before consuming CBD, you should consider following the factors that can limit the potency or effects of the CBD compounds. To have the long-lasting benefits of quality CBD, you should follow a strict schedule and prevent yourself from indulging in other medications or substance abuse.


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