Why Is CBD Good For Cats?

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The usage and demand for cannabis products by pet owners are increasingly growing. Animals such as dogs, cats, horses can take in cannabis just like humans.

Due to the presence of the endocannabinoid system in cats, the endocannabinoid that serves as cannabinoid receptors has made the intake of CBD in cats safe. It also sees to the regulations of body functions and hormones.

It’s no secret that cannabis is used for medicinal purposes because it effectively helps with pain, anxiety, emotional pain, etc. Thus, it aids with sleeping or eating and mental distress disorders.

CBD for cats is good because they react to cannabinoids just the way humans do. They also suffer from anxiety, depression, mood swings, just like humans. These conditions in cats can be mitigated by them CBD. The following are more detailed reasons why it’s good you give your cat CBD.


Cats suffer from anxiety, probably due to fear, bad experiences in the first year, and physical pain. It could be age-related too. And toxic situations may lead to changes in behavior, which anxiety is part of.

A cat suffering from anxiety may have increased respiratory rates, restlessness, behavioral changes, hiding, changes in appetite, avoiding eye contact, and physical pain. For a pet lover, it can be hard seeing your pet companion going through anxiety.

CBD for cats is a safe and natural remedy for alleviating stress as it brings relief to cats. CBD can calm your cat down and can aid tense conditions.

Trauma And Pain

Your cat can feel pain or be going through traumatic situations. The best you can do is to try and notice pain and traumatic situations in cats early because they tend to hide it.

The pain could be a result of injury. Trauma can also entail shaking and hiding. And your cat can be traumatized when it can’t get out of a confined area or situation. CBD is good for cats as it can alleviate the pain in cats and help with traumas. 


Just like CBD works in humans and animals, both humans and animals suffer from depression. Cats can also become depressed, probably due to losing a human or animal companion that they are close to. They could also be sad due to their situations, and they spend all day sleeping due to depression.

CBD for cats can improve their mood, make them lively again, and help with the depression they might be going through. You can get effective CBD products for your cats and other pets on our website.


Some cats are improperly socialized during their early stages. They were deprived of social and environmental exposure, so when they later get exposed to such situations, they tend to become fearful and anxious

How To Dose Your Cats

There are different methods of taking CBD and different CBD products. Cannabis can be smoked and rolled like a cigarette, inhaled, smoked from pots, and added to food or drinks.

You might have a problem with the right way to dose your cat with CBD, but CBD oils are best recommended. You can check our website for the best CBD oils for cats. 

CBD oil is easy to administer to cats by adding it to their food. Just dd one or more drops to their food. This way, you can keep track of the proper dosage for your cats 

Starting with a small or low dose is very advisable. If your cat’s condition does not improve, you can increase the dosage carefully. If conditions persist, the veterinary doctors need to be consulted.

We don’t advise you to give CBD oil when your cats have a specific health condition. For example, liver damage, kidney disease, pregnant or nursing cats, and other medications.

Giving your cats CBD when they have these underlying health issues may harm the cats or lead to the in-toxicity of the cat. If a cat is intoxicated, the cat might suffer from vomiting, drooling, hyperactivity, nausea, and so on. 

CBD in cats serves medicinal purposes to help with disorder, restlessness, anxiety, and trauma. It’s also the best idea to improve a cat’s appetite. It promotes sleep and alleviates depression, and so on.

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