Why You Should Use CBD for Your Cat’s Anxiety


Cats are easy to take care of, which can be attested to by cat owners. However, you may notice that your cat begins to develop psychological or medical issues such as anxiety over the years. As helpful as vet medicines are, getting your cat a holistic method of treatment is also essential. That is where the use of CBD comes into play.

Is your cat experiencing anxiety? Are you looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals in dealing with this problem? Then you are in the right place. This article will learn about CBD and why you should use it to cure your cat’s anxiety. This method of treating anxiety in Cats does not come with any harmful side effects. Also, you will learn about the best place to get CBD for your cat and pets in general.

What Causes Anxiety in Cats?

There are several reasons why Cats may experience anxiety. These reasons include the following:

  • If your cat has just been moved to your home, it may develop anxiety. This anxiety comes from being nervous about a new environment.
  • Sometimes the presence of new Cats or new people in your house can cause your cat to become anxious as they are trying to adjust to the new company.
  • Just like the way some people develop anxiety when they are about to travel, that is how it is with Cats. Your cat may be in the category of nervous travelers.
  • Cats develop anxiety when going on trips to see the groomer or the veterinary doctor.
  • When a Cat has abandonment issues, it can cause anxiety.
  • Some Cats develop anxiety because of how they have been previously abused. That makes them cautious of people, even if these people won’t harm them.

What is CBD?

Cannabis has been a natural medicine for the body and soul for the longest time. Over the recent years, researches have been conducted to find out more about the composing parts of the cannabis plant. Consequently, a compound was discovered to be produced naturally in the hemp plant. This compound is called cannabidiol or CBD.

CBD has become a substance of interest because it has many benefits that border on therapy and not just medicine. More so, because it is unlike THC in producing psychoactive effects, CBD is even more preferred in a country where the topic of marijuana is still hotly debated.

CBD can be isolated and extracted to treat several issues humans and animals face without getting the consumer high. You must understand this.

CBD is found in large doses in the hemp plant, although it can also be found in different marijuana strains.

How Can CBD Treat Your Cat’s Anxiety?

CBD can be used to treat pain, dementia, and of course, anxiety in Cats. In this section, we will be talking about anxiety and how you can use CBD to treat it in your favorite feline.

You must treat anxiety in your cat as it can result in other health issues. Your cat can suffer fur loss, digestive problems, and other stress-related ailments if you don’t do this.

Generally, CBD has anti-anxiety components which help humans and canines a great deal. Therefore, if you give your cat a dose of CBD, you can be assured that it will work well in creating that calming effect your Cat needs. 

Why is CBD Recommended for Your Cat?

Cats also possess the endocannabinoid system (ECS) like other mammals. The ECS is an extensive neuro-communication system that goes around the whole brain and body. It is composed of receptors and corresponding chemicals.

The ECS regulates bodily functions in the cat; they include temperature, mood, appetite, sleep, inflammation, pain, reproduction, memory, etc.

Naturally, the cat’s body produces cannabinoids through the ECS. Sometimes, this production may be deficient in the system. That is where CBD comes in. To improve your cat’s well-being and health, you can add CBD as a supplement from hemp. It will create the balance that will translate to less anxiety for your cat.

What is the Required Dose of CBD for your Cat?

CBD is not addictive; neither does it produce harmful side effects because it does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, you do not want to buy CBD oil and feed your cat without the proper dosage.

Even though CBD knowledge is still in the preliminary stage, there are specific pointers to how you can use CBD for your cat in a safe way.

They include the following:

  • If you are giving your Cat CBD for the first time, begin with a milligram dose or two for every 10 pounds of body weight. 
  • If your cat’s anxiety doesn’t seem to be going away after a while, you can increase the dose to five mg. 
  • Note that Cats cannot tell you if the CBD is working; hence observing with patience is essential.
  • Keep a journal where all the necessary information will be recorded. Information like the date and time you give your Cat CBD, the dose you administer, the state of your cat both physically and mentally.
  • Keep adding the dose by a milligram or two every week until you begin to see an improvement. Then, you can stop at that dose.
  • Now, you can take your cat to the Vet doctor to establish a schedule and a good baseline dose.

How to Administer CBD to your Cat

You can administer CBD to your cat without struggling to get them to consume it. They include the following methods:

  • Companies that sell CBD have made it easy to give it to Cats in a bottle. This bottle usually contains CBD oil with a measured dropper to make dosage an easy task.
  • You can administer a full-spectrum CBD to your cat, which also contains terpenes that boost the CBD’s effectiveness.
  • If the taste of a full-spectrum CBD is unpleasant to your cat, you can give it a CBD isolate added to its treat or food.
  • CBD can be infused in Coconut oil and rubbed unto the cat’s skin through the ears. It is a transdermal means of getting the product absorbed into the cat’s body.
  • You can also dab the CBD oil on the cat’s paws for it to lick off by itself; you know how cats love licking their paws. 

Buy the Best CBD for your Cat

Shops that sell CBD do a lot of advertising and labeling that can confuse the buyer. That is because they make promises of how the ingredients in the CBD product are safe and can work wonders for your cat.

You may want to look for brands that clearly state the composition of CBD in their development, check that the product does not contain contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. The latter can be seen in the lab test results that a third-party lab should have carried out. Ensure you see these results in the Certificate of Analysis of the shop’s products before you buy any of them.

Herbz Depot is a CBD shop that ensures all the above boxes are checked. You can trust this store as your ultimate stop for CBD products for your cat. That is because the pet products sold here are as safe as it gets. They are also of high quality. Head to Herbz Depot now to shop for your Cat’s CBD oil. You can as well search for other excellent pet-friendly CBD products.

The benefits of CBD cannot be overemphasized. That is why your cat will be better for it if you introduce them to CBD for their anxiety.

Because the cat’s body system is the same as that of a human (both mammals), you can expect the same results you get when you take CBD in your cat. Shop for CBD for your cat from Herbz Depot; follow the guidelines in this article, and you will be glad you did.


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