CBD Dosage For Anxiety

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

When anxiety is mentioned, it mostly has to do with stress. For example, suppose you’re anticipating an event or activity that would stress you or something you’re not accustomed to. In that case, you might feel some fear, and this fear sometimes tends to increase as such a day draws closer.

Sometimes, it’s okay to feel this fear; it’s your body’s way of adjusting to a foreseen stress, and sometimes once you get past it, it makes you stronger. First, however, there’s the unhealthy type of anxiety, and it’s pretty much the most popular form of emotional disorder—the anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders aren’t ordinary, and they get worse when left untreated. In extreme cases, people with anxiety disorders can’t bring themselves to use elevators, cross the streets, or leave their houses even. Treatments for anxiety disorder range from anti-anxiety to antidepressant medications, and even in recent times, CBD is used to help with it.

What Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol, CBD, being one of the naturally occurring substances found in cannabis, has been shown to help with anxiety. Yes, CBD is located in the cannabis plant, which is otherwise known for its psychoactive effects. Still, CBD does not give the “high” feeling that you’d expect from a substance that comes from cannabis.

As unbelievable as it may sound, we have the low affinity of CBDs to thank for their inability to intoxicate. Because when CBD binds to the CB1 receptors of the brain, they cannot activate these receptors and, in turn, do not give the “high” sensation. 

Of course, with cannabis’s contribution to health traditionally, CBDs are also great in curing most health-related concerns. Pains, inflammation, anxiety, and depression are some of the health issues that CBD helps with. For example, with anxiety, research has shown that CBD works to increase the brain’s serotonin levels.

Serotonin is the body’s chemical responsible for behaviour, sleep, mood, and digestion. Increasing serotonin levels can help with anxiety, which is how antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications work. Research also suggests that CBD alleviates anxiety and depression the same way. However, more research is needed to conclude.

Also, taking CBD together with anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications should be run by a medical practitioner first.

Over the years, different studies have proven how CBD can help alleviate anxiety. Some of these studies are listed thus:

In 2011, the study showed that CBD reduced the anxiety and discomfort experienced by public speakers with anxiety disorders.

Another 2011 study showed that CBD could reduce anxiety symptoms in people who had a social anxiety disorder. 

In 2015, there was a review of a collection of studies. It was found that CBD can help with social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It can also help with obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In 2019, two studies showed that CBD reduced the symptoms of PTSD in 91% of the 11 patients who took part.

Also, 80% of anxiety cases were improved alongside 70% of sleep disorders in the first month.

With this much proof on how CBD works for anxiety, it’s essential to know how much CBD one should take to achieve the desired effect.

The CBD Dosage For Anxiety

The proper CBD dosage for anxiety isn’t relatively constant or hasn’t been ascertained yet. However, studies have shown that 300mg to 600mg can positively impact anxiety in people.

Still, the effective dose hasn’t been clarified regarding CBD forms because, with CBD, there are many forms such as capsules, drops, oils, teas, gummies, and vapour.

For oils and other CBD forms taken orally, such as capsules, or edibles, they start working from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The vaping smoking forms of CBD have immediate effects.

These orally administered CBD forms can be taken for Anxiety relief throughout a whole day. Starting the morning with food and orally administered CBDs would be best. But for an immediate effect, relieving the anxiety of public speaking, vaping, or smoking CBD oils can ensure relaxation.

Some factors affect the CBD dosages for anxiety, and they include weight and alcoholic quantity in one’s system. Regarding the weight, doses are calculated in a dose per body kg, which means People who weigh more take higher doses than people who weigh less.

Taking alcohol with CBD increases the sedation effect of CBD. Therefore, it is advised that medications that cause drowsiness shouldn’t be used alongside CBD. If they must, the dosage of CBD should be reduced.

A third factor is the form of CBD that’s involved. The dosage in a capsule differs from an oral solution, which often depends on the volume of the solution. 

What Is The Highest Amount Of CBD You Should Take? 

Researchers have found that 600mg per day is safe, but another study showed at least 1,500 mg a day are safe and well-tolerated. 

However, it’s significant to remember that research is still in its early stage. Experts don’t yet know the potential and long-term effects of CBD usage. For that reason, you should always discuss with your doctor your CBD usage.  

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