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By now, you know it’s no news that South Carolina’s Cannabidiol laws leave people more confused than enlightened! It’s confusing because there are different colors representing states.

For the states in the green category, both hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD is legal for all purposes, both medicinal and recreational. For the states in the red category, all CBD products are illegal. Also, there are states in between, amber and amber-red, and those with these complicated laws.

States with amber color have laws that allow the unrestricted use of hemp-derived CBD and only the medicinal use of cannabis-derived CBD. You ask, “why?”

CBD products derived from hemp have negligible THC traces, which makes them less intoxicating than cannabis-derived CBD. However, the states represented by the amber-red color make room for hemp-derived CBD products to be used only medicinally. At the same time, cannabis-derived CBD products are not allowed legally. 

So if you’re planning to use cannabis-derived CBD medicinally in South Carolina, it might interest you to know it associates with an amber-red state. That means you’re supposed to use hemp-derived CBD products for medicinal purposes. BUT, hold on to your hats!

You can get cannabis oils for both medicinal and recreational purposes in South Carolina!! An exciting piece of information, of course. However, you need to figure out how to distinguish the best from the rest, thus:

How Do You Know the Best CBD Oils? 

With the increasing demand for CBD products, including the oils, there’s no doubt there will be many forms, as well as grades littered around or beautifying stores’ shelves. At prices, you can’t resist. It makes it necessary to know what to look out for when you’re looking, and we’re more than pleased to let you in on a few tips:

  • Know the Source and Quality Of The Hemp

With the growth and cultivation of hemp across different nations globally, it is widespread knowledge that not all sources will use the necessary standards. Therefore, you must go for brands that form their Oils from organically grown hemp. 

  • The Method of Extraction 

Any method of extracting CBD oils from hemp, asides from the Co2 way, can leave unwanted solvents and chemicals dangerous. However, with the Co2 process, you’re sure that the end products are pure and void of unnecessary harmful substances. 

  • The Amount Of CBD 

If you’re looking for the best CBD oils to buy, be sure to look for the amount of CBD in each bottle. A reputable company or source should be able to add it to state that right on the bottle. The right amount of CBD for CBD oil is 250-1000mg for every 10ml bottle. 

  • The Price

The amount you’re paying for CBD oils’ purchase shouldn’t be too good to be true. We agree that cheap isn’t always cheap. However, you should also get what you pay for if you take our meaning. 

Now that we’re clear on a few tips to finding the best CBD oils, we’re diving right into the best part, saved for last! 

How Can You Find the Best CBD Oils In South Carolina?

You’ve probably heard how you should shop online, especially knowing that CBD products’ purchase in amber red states can be tricky. However, there are reputable stores and companies that you can find the best CBD oils. Let’s help with a few: 

  • Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store is quite popular in the South Carolina state of America. As we stated earlier, when it comes to knowing the best CBD oils, Your CBD Store is one of the good ones. From sourcing their oils from organically grown hemp plants to providing products containing terpenes and cannabinoids, they’re one of the best. Your CBD Store has branches all over the country. 

  • Eucalyptus Wellness and Elixir Bar

With an impressive 5-star rating for their products, customer-friendly services, and great prices, Eucalyptus Wellness and Elixir Bar offer the best CBD Oils In Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Herbal Passion 

Another store with a 5-star rating for its products and customer services is Herbal Passion. They offer premium CBD oils and other CBD products for both CBD beginners and the experienced.

It’s great that there are stores you can walk into and make purchases of CBD oils. We also agree that it can be pretty daunting to search for shops to buy these CBD oils, especially when they’re not quite a stone’s throw from your destination. The reason for an alternative and fabulous option of online stores. “There are online stores for CBD oils?”, of course, there are! And the best among them is the Herbz Depot! “How would you know?” you might ask, and of course, we’re happy to oblige you. Herbz Depot is the best online store for the best CBD oils for the following reasons:

  • They have the approval of a third party lab
  • They sell organic products that are pest-free 
  • Their customer reviews are great 
  • No extra charges, as you get free shipping to anywhere in the United States, thus: saving money! 
  • And, of course, they offer other quality CBD products. 

To get started, click here for the best CBD oils you may need. 


Being an amber-red state regarding CBD laws, South Carolina has a dicey way around using CBD oils. That means you can buy and then use CBD oils medicinally and for recreational purposes. However, it may be a daunting task looking through various stores searching for the best CBD Oils, which makes Herbz Depot your best bet on all things CBD.


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